Fell Foot Wood News

Welcome to Fell Foot Wood news. This page should give you the most up to date information relating to the wood and events that are due to take place here. Full a comprehensive break down of the events due to take place at the wood, please visit our events page.

10/03/2021 Camping Based events will be subject to the govt. Roadmap and nothing before Stage 3 on  17thMay is given the all clear.


Woodland work is in progress while the ground vegetation is is low and the bracken remains dormant. Conifer regeneration has been cleaned and thinned and 300 trees have been planted in suitable gaps. Some planting has also been done to enhance the gladed event area for the future.


Around Easter 2015 the Wood underwent a period of "rebirth" in that many of the larger sycamore trees were coppiced to encourage the development of polewood shoots and poorly formed Birch trees were removed. Birch of good form were left to provide seed which will develop in the disturbed ground following the felling operations.Larch have been removed together with rough Sweet Chestnut and the larger beech.

 Management policy is now tending towards the wood being a coppice woodland but with the retention of  long lived species like Oak and Yew and with intensive thinning & pruning management of thicket areas and the use of well formed Holly for screening and landscaping.

Instead of the growing of commercial timber we are now "growing" social and cultural activities in particular with camping based music events.

It is not the intention to diversify the woodland in to a Camp Site or other form of commercial enterprise but rather to permit and encourage low scale wild camping and suitable clearings are being adapted for this purpose.




FFW Wild Camping


We  no longer offer general camping and pre-arranged events and private parties are subject to the Government Roadmap.

FFW Events

Details on the  events available at Fell Foot Wood can be accessed through our events page 

Please enquire if you have a woodland themed event in mind, whether that be a down-to-earth wedding, birthday, music event or a gathering for a specific purpose for 10-180 people contact.htm