Fell Foot Wood Events

Welcome to Fell Foot Wood Events in 2020

We  made groundwork improvements around the Pancosmodrome in 2011 and took down  and replaced the stage structure with a barn/stage structure that offers warmth and comfort to fellow pancosmologists at our events. This provides  more appealing space to alternative music fans who are not fundamentally "wild campers" who can now visit our venue without having to be too concerned about  the weather. Further outdoor cover was added in 2014 by a canopy that provides more shelter alongside the stage area.

If you haven't been to our previous events and do not know the site then we would like you to know that

  • Fell Foot Wood is a working wood where appropriate social and cultural activities are encouraged as part of the management of the woodland.
  • When you come to camp at an outdoor event here in the wood then you need to be prepared for uneven ground, wear sensible footwear and clothing, bring a torch , keep to the tracks for safety and keep within your senses.
  • 2018. We also need to advise you that we are not a provider of water for consumer use. YOU MUST BRING YOUR OWN WATER FOR ALL PURPOSES.
  • Woodlands in the Lake District are often on steep undulating ground which is unsuitable for agriculture and Fell Foot Wood is on many different levels with craggy areas which add to the appeal but also require care when walking and travelling along the firm narrow tracks.
  • All of our events restrict the numbers or do not permit children. There are obvious hazards in wooded terrain that people who attend family-friendly festivals may not be familiar with and it is more challenging to exercise careful parental supervision. Our events are not aimed at the development of survival skills or as an "outdoor adventure" experience.

Please note that we participate in the WeirdoWatch scheme and reserve the right to refuse admission to any person who does not conform to our standards of normality.


                       2020 Events





1-4 May                         Space to Emerge. Shamanic retreat          POSTPONED TO 2021



29/30th May                In A Nutshell          CANCELLED

                                      ( Facebook event page)


5-7th  June                 Bewitch   POSTPONED


12-14th June           Private Party (Wedding).     POSTPONED


19-21st June          Private Party   (Birthday)    CANCELLED


26/27th June        Private Party    (Wedding)     POSTPONED


 2-4th July             Legions ov Darkness Festival-2020   POSTPONED TO 2021

                             ( Facebook event page)


10/11th July         Authentic Woman CANCELLED



24-26th July          (British Naturism) Woodland Weekend CANCELLED

                             (link to website) 


28-31st August          Creating Joy. Under review


18/19th September  Hazellous Lustre. SOLD OUT. All  information is on the event page on Facebook. This is a corvid secure event that has been risk assessed under the guidelines for Performing Arts.


                                                                           UPCOMING EVENTS.

                                          In A Nutshell, 29-30th May. Click here for the Facebook Link

                                                             Click here for the Skiddle ticket link.


                                                                          Click here for the Facebook link

                                                                                     PREVIOUS EVENTS.


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  facebook event page

Facebook event page


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