Welcome to Fell Foot Wood

Fell Foot Wood is nestled away in the picturesque English Lake District, overlooking the vast Lake Windermere. The wood has a compelling and enchanting ambience which is present in all of the events which are run from the site. Please take a look through the current events we have on offer and we hope to see you soon...

FFW Location

The setting of Fell Foot Wood is key to both its success as a venue and the experiences that our numerous visitors take away with them.

FFW Facilities

As a naturally occurring wood, all of the facilities offered at Fell Foot Wood are in tune with and respect the local environment. From our gladed amphitheatre to our on site camping facilities, we are able to cater for the requirements of most events.

FFW News & Events


Many local organisations utilize Fell Foot Wood as their venue when looking for an ideal event location. The simple reason being that we offer a unique mix of a practical on-site shop & facilities with the all of the enchanting ambience you could hope for!